Update Your Sprinkler

Smart Wifi System That You Can Control From Anywhere

Smart Wifi Sprinkler Benefits:

  • Broken line monitoring and water consumption*
  • Never get caught watering in the rain or wind with automatic rain, wind and freeze skips using Weather Intelligence™ Plus
  • Automatically adjusts your irrigation schedule based on comprehensive forecasts in your exact location
  • Free App & No App Monthly Fee
  • Ground Saturation Tracking
  • Seamless Integration with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple Homekit
  • Keep Plants Healthy While Saving up to 50% on Outdoor Water Use
  • Input details like plant type and sun exposure and your sprinkler will automatically water your lawn with exactly what it needs
  • Automatically map your yard, add zone boundaries, and sprinkler head locations for fully customized zones.

Our guided setup includes walking you through every detail, customizing the timing and frequency of watering to your specific landscape. For your lawn to stay lush, green, and healthy, you must feed it. Luckily, usually, only two things are needed to keep it that way: Sunlight and Water. Sunlight doesn’t cost you a single dime, so that’s nice! As we all know, Texas has some pretty unpredictable weather patterns, but your lawn must be receiving the proper amount of water so it can maintain that luscious green that we all love so much. At Grassmasters, we offer several different options for your home or business so that your grass will stay green all year round.

We offer specialty designed sprinkler systems that are unique to each lawn and are guaranteed to give your yard full water coverage. We also provide drip irrigation systems that are great for flower beds and trees. We know that you will be satisfied with an irrigation system with how much time and effort it saves you. You won’t find yourself spending hours out in the yard dragging a hose around, trying to disperse water across your lawn evenly.

You’ll never wonder whether or not you watered enough or too much, and you’ll never worry about the lawn being watered while you are away! The systems we install are fully automatic and hassle-free, so enjoy some time with your family or doing something you genuinely enjoy! Lawn irrigation will pay for itself with the amount of time you save as well as the dollars you save through water management and healthy plants that last longer due to proper and consistent maintenance. 

*broken line monitoring and water consumption require the additional flow device to be installed or retrofitted to sprinkler system water line

License Number: LI0017983