Hardscapes, Patios & Walkways

We like to view outdoor living spaces as an extension of your home.  They should be designed with purpose and to maximize the area to its fullest potential.  Adding custom hardscaping options can help enhance your yard’s beauty while also making it functional and beautiful.  We offer various hardscaping options that we can incorporate into your yard, including custom patios, walkways, borders, and more.  

We can bring your vision to life by installing a custom patio using natural stone, flagstone, or pavers.  Each unique patio we design will enhance your yard’s overall look and bring more of a wow factor than a grey slab of concrete.  We will help you choose the perfect color stone or pavers to fit your style and budget, and create a custom design that will make you want to spend more time outdoors.  

We can also design a custom walkway to fit your home or business.  Whether it is a path to your front door, a walkway around your home’s side, or even a pathway through your back yard oasis, we can design the perfect walkway to fit your space.  We can make a simple stepping stone pathway or even an elaborate stone walkway with each piece designed to fit together like a puzzle while maintaining that natural stone look.  If you prefer a more precise design, we can help you choose the perfect pavers to achieve that look.