Drainage & Irrigation

Does your yard have standing water after it rains?  Is the ground around your home constantly soggy?  A wet yard is a nuisance when trying to enjoy your outdoor space. Our team at GrassMasters is ready to help you find a solution to these frustrating drainage problems.  Drainage problems are often caused by unsatisfactory grading, especially in newer neighborhoods where homes are built quickly, but the yard is typically overlooked.  We can fix these issues by installing a custom plan tailored to your yard and your preferences.  In many instances, we may have to restructure the current landscaping to solve the problems.  We can also tie the drain into a custom walkway.  There are many solutions to drainage issues, and we look forward to working with you to find a solution for your yard. 

Without proper drainage, there can be several different consequences for your yard.  For example, you may find unexpected issues with flooding caused by either rainfall or problems with your irrigation system.  Another issue is those pesky mosquitos, as standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitos.  Improper watering, overwatering, and standing water can all cause irreparable damage to your plants.  If the roots sit in water too long, they will not survive.  All of these issues can be solved by installing proper drainage systems in your yard.

We offer various types of drainage solutions, such as French drains, catch basins, creek beds, and proper grading. Sometimes we will have to utilize more than one type of drain to solve your yard issues. We will install a custom system for your property based on the specific problems and your overall goals.