Lawn Care, Landscaping & Sprinkler Systems

Aggie Owned & Operated with 20 years of experience in Bryan & College Station 

We offer a full range of services to residential
and commercial properties. From design to installation and maintenance, we can assist
with all your landscaping and irrigation needs.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Lawn care is not simply just mowing, it takes hard work, diligence, and the right tools — We want to make your yard the most pristine in the College Station area. We offer many services, including mowing, edging, weed-eating, tree and shrub trimming, fertilization, mulching, weed-control. It is so easy for lawn care companies to overlook the small things in the name of expediency, but we promise to keep a close eye on your yard every time. Our experts will evaluate your yard every time we come and will let you know if we have any suggestions for improvements to your yard. As a Grassmasters customer, you will enjoy a professional service that offers a luscious green lawn that is guaranteed to satisfy and offer a curb appeal that other homes in your neighborhood do not have. We promise to not leave your yard a mess with extra scraps or excess grass on your sidewalk so that you will be able to fully enjoy the freshly maintained lawn right outside your front door! Call us at 979.219.5010 today to request a free estimate on your lawn!

Landscaping & Flagstone Patios

Professional landscaping in College Station will naturally connect your home or business to the environment around it as well as display the great features of your home or business. Our professionals have a deep knowledge of many materials that will compliment and accent your properties unique features as well as include the natural habitat around it. We will design a landscaping layout that is distinct to only your property and will be sure to catch the neighbor’s eye from across the street.

There are a lot of aspects that go into landscaping, and we are sure to cover all of them to include in each one-of-a-kind design. We begin the design phase with living plants (flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, etc.) and hardscaping (rocks, stones, etc. for patios and/or walkways), keeping in mind future growth, how much maintenance is required, and obviously, curbside appeal to keep those neighbors jealous! Landscaping is a regional profession, so we have done a lot of research and know what will grow well and last in the Bryan/College Station area. We are aware of the different types of soil in the area (believe it or not there is more than one type in the area) and what will grow best in your geographic location.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

We offer the following Sprinkler Installation and Repair Services:

  • Monitoring
  • Valve repair/replacement
  • Broken pipe repair
  • Head/Nozzle repair/replacement
  • Valve/Wire locator services
  • Controller replacement and setting
  • Backflow repair/replacement

In order for your lawn to stay lush, green, and healthy, you must feed it. Luckily, usually only two things are needed to keep it that way: Sunlight and Water. Sunlight doesn’t cost you a single dime, so that’s nice! As we all know, Texas has some pretty unpredictable weather patterns, but it is important that your lawn is receiving the proper amount of water so it can maintain that luscious green that we all love so much. At Grassmasters, we offer several different options for your home or business so that your grass will stay green all year round. We offer specialty designed sprinkler systems that are unique to each lawn and are guaranteed to give your lawn full water coverage. We also offer drip irrigation systems that are great for flower beds and trees.